On the podium Maestro Arnold stresses seriousness and tradition, communicates clearly, and with a great sense of style. 

Martin Chalifour, Concert Master, Los Angeles Philharmonic

I had the chance to observe and work with Arthur Arnold at the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific. Maestro Arnold brought an unbridled enthusiasm, which was matched by responsive and artistic playing by both the student and professional orchestras. With the students, Maestro Arnold demonstrated his security, both in teaching and interpreting the complexities inherent in the score.  With the professional musicians, he was no less adamant about making wonderful expressive music.  I enjoyed my time with Maestro Arnold and hold him in high esteem not only as a colleague but as a person as well.

Oto Carrillo, Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Arthur Arnold is a refined conductor of great musical devotion and integrity. His music-making is equally matched by an exceptional warmth and generosity of spirit.

David Halen, violin, concertmaster, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

As a member of a world-renowned orchestra, I work with about 30 different conductors a year. I have to say that Arthur Arnold is one of the best communicators I have seen. He is able to inspire, yet lead at the same time, and possesses a wonderfully clear and intelligent technique.

Katinka Klein, Cello, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

In a world where orchestra musicians are used to leading themselves, and are tired of conductors who ignore this reality, Arthur Arnold is the rare conductor who knows exactly when and how to conduct. This allows the musicians the freedom to boldly express themselves, yet never allowing the ensemble to suffer as a consequence. His leadership in Stravinsky´s "A Soldier´s Tale" was one of the best examples of this sensitive conducting style, resulting in a superb performance, innovative yet organized, powerful yet music-centered.

Alex Klein, principal oboe, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I have thoroughly enjoyed my conducting studies with Arthur Arnold. Maestro Arnold continuously reveals many deep insights into the music, while also taking the time to guide me carefully in my own discovery of the nuances of a piece. He has an incredible ear and attention to detail, always with the goal of producing the most vibrant connection between the human and divine in his performances. He also is very much a people person, constantly working on building and developing positive relationships. He strives to make the players in his ensemble and his students feel very much part of the grand mission to keep the music fresh and growing.

Sarah John, B.Mus., M.Mus. Conducting

Arthur Arnold - founder and 'spiritus rector' of the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific in Powell River, Canada - elicited overwhelming performances from the students with his enthusiasm and his musicality, especially in Berlioz' Symphony Fantastique. Working with him is a great pleasure!

Michael Faust, principal flute, WDR symphony Orchestra, Cologne

Maestro Arthur Arnold has worked with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and presented himself as a highly professional, artistic and emotional conductor. It is always a great experience working with Mr. Arnold and it is a pleasure to recommend him to any orchestra.

Marina Levine, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Managing Director

I had the opportunity to observe Mr. Arthur Arnold's remarkable skills as a conductor at the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific. His technical command is immediately evident to the trained and experienced musician. He is able to quickly communicate his ideas of tempo and balance. He has a grasp of the overall construction of a piece of music, eliciting trust and a strong response from the musicians. His musical conceptions are quite his own and are refreshing and satisfying to audiences and musicians alike. His performances are beautiful and exciting explorations. Very importantly, he has an excellent rapport with and strong personal interest in the musicians with whom he works, involving them and trusting them to do their best. This leads to powerful and dedicated performances from his players.

Lawrence Angell, Principal Double Bass, The Cleveland Orchestra (Retired) | Professor of Double Bass, The Cleveland Institute of Music

It was inspiring to watch Arthur Arnold work with the Symphony Orchestra of the Pacific. Everything related in a wonderful way to the essence and the meaning of the music. The results were marvelous!

Charles Ullery, principal bassoonist, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

I have had the privilege of working with Maestro Arthur Arnold at the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific. Maestro Arnold set the tone for this festival, which was really quite extraordinary. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of the music rubbed off quite naturally on the students, and his skill at fostering a well structured and collaborative environment produced excellent concerts. I highly recommend Mr. Arnold as a conductor, as a musician, and as an educator.

Joan Blackman, Assistant Concertmaster, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

It was a great pleasure to meet conductor Arthur Arnold at the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific, and to experience his wonderful work with the students. As a teacher, I was deeply grateful for the positive and inspiring way he worked. He achieves the level of excellence that he desires through his deep love of music and his excitement in creating it. I believe it takes a special personality to work with young people in a positive way, forming, guiding and inspiring with great patience and respect. The high performance level in the final concert was a shining tribute and endorsement of Mr. Arnold’s fine work.

Rita Costanzi, Principal Harpist CBC Radio Orchestra, Vancouver

I spent two weeks observing Maestro Arthur Arnold conduct a very fine orchestra of advanced students in British Columbia at the Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific. I found Maestro Arnold to be very thoughtful in his directions, clear in his beat and very knowledgeable of the musical scores. In my opinion he is an excellent conductor from all vantage points. I am very much looking forward to working with Mr. Arnold again in the future.

Gordon Cherry, Principal Trombone, Vancouver Symphony, CBC Radio Orchestra