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Barbara Scales
“As a member of a world-renowned orchestra, I work with about 30 different conductors a year. Arthur Arnold is one of the best communicators I have seen. He is able to inspire, yet lead at the same time, and possesses a wonderfully clear and intelligent technique.”
“In a world where orchestra musicians are used to leading themselves, and are tired of conductors who ignore this reality, Arthur Arnold is the rare conductor who knows exactly when and how to conduct. This allows the musicians the freedom to boldly express themselves, yet never allowing the ensemble to suffer as a consequence. His leadership in Stravinsky´s “A Soldier´s Tale” was one of the best examples of this sensitive conducting style, resulting in a superb performance, innovative yet organized, powerful yet music-centered.”
“We are most impressed with Arthur Arnold’s orchestral work and personal interaction with our community and audience members than with any other guest conductor we have engaged over the past 18 years. Not only is he highly professional in every way, but also exceptionally inspirational, first to our players and as a result to our audience. His special gift of connecting with the audience enables them to feel part of the music in contrast to listening from afar. During his visits Arthur’s elegant and at the same time, compelling interpretations resulted in overwhelming ovations.”
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my conducting studies with Arthur Arnold. Maestro Arnold continuously reveals many deep insights into the music, while also taking the time to guide me carefully in my own discovery of the nuances of a piece. He has an incredible ear and attention to detail, always with the goal of producing the most vibrant connection between the human and divine in his performances. He also is very much a people person, constantly working on building and developing positive relationships. He strives to make the players in his ensemble and his students feel very much part of the grand mission to keep the music fresh and growing.”