February 18, 2010

February 14 at the Grand Hall of the Conservatory hosted a concert saxophonist Veronica Kozhuharovoy and the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, conductor Arthur Arnold (Netherlands). In concert with the symbolic name “The St. Valentine’s Day!” Sounded the music of Bizet, Rossini, Mascagni, Dvorak, Elgar and Piazzolla. And, although it is believed that the Moscow audience surprise not so easy this time, it seems, no one left disappointed …

In a creative alliance Veronica Kozhuharova and Arthur Arnold made the first time. Arthur Arnold – conductor, popular in many countries worldwide. At home, he runs the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the North Dutch Orchestra, “Dutch Symphony” and others. In Russia Arthur is often enough – it is regularly invited as a conductor at the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. In the opinion of many musicians, it is one of those rare conductors that not only has perfect technique, but also is able to inspire the artist, giving him creative freedom. Veronica Kozhuharova – saxophone player, graduated from the Academy of Gnesin in 2005, but has already managed to win the hearts of music lovers not only in Russia but also in Europe. Her brilliant talent and heartfelt performance of works by Piazzolla and this time have left the audience indifferent. Romantic fragile girl with sad eyes skillfully extract audio from a massive tool. At the end of the first branch of Veronica decided to surprise the audience a little, performing unusual work for this evening Natalie Nekrasova “Lust for Life”.

Easy and festive atmosphere of the concert, in general, consistent with the romantic mood of Valentine’s Day. Inspired condition of musicians and listeners was passed.

Later, Veronica Kozhuharova shared her impressions of the concerts Shalom News correspondent Helen Poletaeva: “In the Great Hall of the Conservatory, I do not speak for the first time. And every time he went on stage, I usually worry – it’s not just a stage, a stage at which many great musicians have played. Strange, but this time I felt no stress, on the contrary there was a sense of some of ease – as if behind wings. With musicians, we were “on the same wavelength,” felt very good to each other, despite the fact that we had only two rehearsals before. But most importantly – people came who wanted to understand and hear. And they understood and heard all the feelings that I wanted to express in music. I am very grateful to the public for its sensitivity. ”

Although creative people are not always willing to share their plans and finally Veronica still said that in the near future she will take the unusual tandem with the famous composer and musician Aydar Gainullin they are preparing a new program. The fact that it will be for the program, Veronica is not yet announced, but said that the students a unique combination of sounds of the accordion, saxophone and organ.

Elena Poletaeva http://www.shalomnews.ru/